Horse are grazing, herd animals. Given the opportunity they will forage grass for about 16 hours a day, while walking six to eight miles along with other members of their herd. Our pastures have been designed with this in mind.

There are 11 pastures ranging in size from two to five acres. Two acres of pasture are allocated for each horse, as recommended by the University of Florida. Considerable effort is devoted to insuring all pastures remain lush with grass and a minimum of invasive weeds. Many pastures are heavily treed offering abundant shade. Some boarder a lake allowing horses that choose, to go wading on those hot summer days.

Pasture Features

  • Two acres per horse
  • Heavy duty fence material for safety
  • Salt blocks
  • Both automatic waters and water troughs in each pasture
  • Hurricane resistant run-in-sheds
  • Pasture rotation

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